Hydra compact

New version available in March 2015

The new Hydra Compact continues the ongoing development of our Hydra electrical boiler family in our quest to use technology for more flexible appliances. This allows to meet the requirements of more efficient hydronic systems for comfort and energy performance. In other words, by being receptive to market feedback, we develop our appliances for improved reliability from users’ input, as well as that of contractors.

  • Hydronic heating with lower operation flows
  • Same interface control as Revolution and Industrial Hydra
  • Possibility for multi-configurations
  • Easy to install in limited spaces
  • Applications for garages, apartments, basements, or additions
  • More options for the hydronic heating system design technician, as well for the contractor in regards to the number of zones and flow

Available powers

240/208 V

3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 kW @ 240 V



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Electrical Diagrams